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About Lyric Recovery Services, Inc.

Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy:
The treatment team at Lyric understands that addiction has many contributing factors. Based on this, we have created a comprehensive approach that considers the physical, emotional and social issues involved.  We believe that integrating expertise in addiction, clinical psychology, social support, and family facilitation offers clients the best opportunity of success in the work to free our clients from a life held hostage by alcohol and drugs as well as untreated anxiety, social isolation, depression and trauma. Each client’s recovery path is an individual story that has yet to be written.  We are here to help that recovery story begin.

 Vision Statement:
 Lyric Recovery supports people in engaging the  challenge of addiction, expanding their understanding of  themselves, and building the necessary skills required to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

 Mission Statement:
 Lyric’s mission is to provide holistic treatment
and  support for sobriety in an integrated
manner. In order to manifest this vision and carry out this mission  the program is committed to building a recovery environment that supports a
client centered approach and that encourages personal growth and long term recovery.

Who We Serve

Lyric Recovery Outpatient Treatment Programs cater to the individual needs of adults with recent or current substance use disorders or addiction who do not require residential treatment. By focusing on core strengths and keeping individuals in their own homes or communities whenever possible, Lyric Recovery Outpatient Treatment programs help adults handle their addictions and regain balance in their lives 
by treating more than just their symptoms.
At Lyric Recovery we understand that sometimes the road to recovery can be made less fearful if made part of one's established routines. Lyric Recovery’s Outpatient Treatment Programs allow clients to continue to work, remain in school, and stay in their home and community, while receiving confidential treatment for drug and alcohol dependency.
Our programs are flexible and customized for each individual client. 
Individuals receive one-on-one counseling/psychotherapy sessions, family counseling/therapy sessions, group therapy/education modalities, as well as aftercare services.

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We also offer Interventions, Sobriety Companions, and Sobriety Transportation. Contact us to find out more information regarding these services
Continuing Care is offered once a week in the evening for our clients who complete their Outpatient treatment or Relapse Prevention series. This service is free of charge and is a venue for support in a relaxed environment with assistance from our dynamic Clinical team.

Meet Our Team

  1. Donna Miller, CADC-II, MHRS
    Founder, Chief Executive Officer Donna attended the University of Wisconsin Parkside and Gateway College where she received her degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. Donna holds the vital position of CEO at Lyric Recovery Services where she oversees and is responsible for all aspects of client care. Donna has actively worked in the substance abuse/addiction and mental health fields since 1987. Her extensive experience includes: designing and implementation of multiple service programs, including intensive out patient, sub-acute crisis, day rehabilitation, and dual diagnosis treatment programs contracted with Santa Clara County. She is a certified drug and alcohol counselor through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals, as well as a mental health rehabilitation specialist. Donna is certified in motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, and non-violent crisis intervention.
  2. Stacey DiNino, RADT, RPC
    Program Director, Addiction Specialist Stacey is a Certified Relapse Prevention Counselor, Certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT) with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. Stacey received her BA from San Jose State University and has worked in the field of addiction treatment and human services since 1987, where she specialized in adolescent crisis intervention. Stacey’s role at Lyric Recovery Services includes conducting client assessments, facilitating groups (both educational and process), providing one-on-one client sessions, family sessions, and formulating effective and achievable treatment and discharge plans tailored to each individual client.
  3. Matt Stephens, CADC-ll, NCRC, NCIP-l
    Addiction Counselor / Relapse Prevention Specialist Matt has over seven years experience in direct client care working in residential and outpatient services within the Santa Clara County area. Matt also is involved in Sobriety Companionship, Sober Transportation, Sobriety Coaching, Relapse Prevention, Harm Reduction and Interventions.
  4. Katy Parker, PsyD
    Board Member Dr. Katy Parker holds both a Master's and Doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Her clinical training focused on the intersection of chronic, untreated mental illness with substance abuse. Dr. Parker's passion for co-occuring disorders subsequently traversed many areas and paths to helping as many people as possible via Private Practice, Clinical Outreach, and Clinical Director. Dr. Parker is an active member of Women's Association for Addiction Treatment as well as a speaker on the subject of enabling the addict. In addition to Dr. Parker's practice, she is honored with the incredibly important job of Treatment Placement Specialist for Acadia Healthcare. Dr. Parker has dedicated her career to helping those in need get the treatment they deserve.
  5. Roxann Burns, MA
    Board Member Roxann Burns has been actively involved in SBA lending for over 25 years. She is an active instructor for the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders and has been honored as NAGGL's Instructor of the Year for 2011. Additionally, Roxann served on NAGGL's Board of Directors from 2008-2012 and continues to be actively involved in NAGGL's Technical Issues Committee. Roxann's career has included extensive work with several community development organizations. CDFI's and public agencies, including the Opportunity Fund, the California Department of Housing and Community Development, the California Environmental Redevelopment Fund and several Economic Development Corporations based in California. Roxann has Bachelor's degrees in Business and Economics and a Master's in Public Policy & Administration from California State University, Sacramento.
  6. Seiji Nishina, Psy.D., LMFT
    Clinical Director/Program Therapist Seijiro Nishina received his doctorate in Marital and Family Therapy from a COAMFTE accredited Couple and Family Therapy graduate program at Alliant International University. He is a licensed Marital Family therapist (LMFT #50945). He has provided mental health services for underserved populations such as refugees, immigrants, homeless, and at risk adolescents. He was a program manager at an outpatient mental health facility where the majority of clients struggled with difficult life altering circumstances, including acculturation issues, co-occurring diagnoses, and disability. He has taught marital and family therapy theories and techniques at both a graduate and undergraduate program. As a therapist, leader, and teacher, he is devoted to installing hope to each individual.
  7. Rick Barringer
    Interventionist Rick's education and experience in the field of Substance Abuse is extensive. His qualifications have enhanced his performance as a Counselor, Clinical Director, Program Director, Consultant, Trainer and Teacher for over 18 years. During the period that Rick was Executive Director of Castle Recovery Services, the agency provided training for treatment facilities across the United States. Working as a consultant and trainer for world-renowned Hazelden Services of Minnesota, he developed a curriculum dealing with distorted thinking, substance abuse and anti-social behavior. As a recovering addict himself, Rick is able to understand and connect with people who have trouble admitting that they need help, or who are afraid of what that help might look like. Rick is a passionate advocate of recovery, who brings hope and change to families in crisis.
  8. Jason Murphy- Pedulla, MA, MBSR
    Refuge Recovery Jason Murphy- Medulla, founder of Mindfulness Recovery Counseling, is a consultant, educator and published author, he has extensive experience in working with adults, youth, families and groups. He holds a license as a certified addictions counselor as well as a MA in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). A certificate in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Jason holds a specialized degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Psycho-pharmacology from University of California Santa Cruz Extension(UCSC) and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis in Psychology, Philosophy and Anthropology. Jason also has training in Vipassana (Insight) Meditation and is a teacher of this tradition. Jason has studied meditation and martial arts for the last 20 years. Jason incorporates Refuge Recovery methods and philosophy into his practice. "I have a deep belief in treating the whole human being and not just the symptom whether it be physical or psychological. Both my skill as a therapist and my knowledge of Buddhist Psychology aids me in providing essential knowledge and techniques for clients to affect change in their lives."
  9. Joe Clements
    Refuge Recovery Joe grew up in the small surf-skate town of Santa Cruz CA. Early in life Joe sought relief in drugs, alcohol and punk rock music as an escape from a broken home, family addiction, and the dissatisfaction of youth. During his early twenties he got clean from substances and found a meaningful outlet playing and touring in punk bands. Haunted by familiar feelings of dissatisfaction and depression, he found himself returning to active addiction at the age of 30. After some time experiencing the ongoing suffering of active addiction, he found recovery in 12 step communities which lead him to get involved in Buddhism and Mindfulness. Joe sought the guidance from longtime childhood friend Noah Levine, and begin to use the practices of Buddhism to heal the underlying pain he had been unable to face. With 7 years clean and a dedicated Buddhist practice, Joe is taking on the role of teaching others what he has learned. As a foundational member of Refuge Recovery Joe is dedicated to bring meditation practices to those who suffer from addiction. He is currently engaged in the process of being trained to facilitate Mindfulness and Buddhist meditation through Against the Stream Meditation Society.
  10. Lisa Garrido
    Yoga Instructor For some of us, the mat is the first place we ask ourselves, “What do ‘I’ need?”. For some of us, the mat is the first place we ‘see’ ourselves as the practice reflects back to us the truth—the get-down-and-dirty-in-this-very-moment-inner inquiry-personal-truth. And now, for those with whom we journey together, I encourage the same—a safe place, a refuge that you have the power to create and support all the time--watching, listening, evolving, and letting go. With 20+ years in the healing/expressive arts and my passion for yin yoga and meditation, I specialize in trauma and emotional freedom, cancer support, children, and addiction/recovery. Since 2012, I have been on an amazing path of teaching full-time and feel such a deep reverence and gratitude for sharing the transformational power of yoga, mindfulness, and breath awareness. When we practice together, expect to breathe, expect to slow down, expect to feel your body and notice your thoughts as you discover the power of your practice and how it lives deep within your breath and how the true strength is in the courage to let go. We will travel into deeper states of acceptance and loving-kindness while exploring energetic alignments and creative visualization led through meditation practices.
  11. Annee Delaware, LPT/LVN, CHT, EAT
    Expressive Arts / Coaching Annee comes with 33 years of experience in psychiatric and addiction nurse counseling which enables her to move between challenging and unique assignments with clients suffering addiction and co-occurring illnesses. At Lyric Recovery Services, , she facilitates groups in Expressive Arts for symptoms of Post-Acute Withdrawal, early recovery, and clients seeking clarity and actualization of personal creativity. Annee comes with a wealth of experience, having co-founded Safe-Passages, an addiction recovery and transition service, along with being an Admissions Consultant and Outreach at Crossroads Centre Antigua. “FACILITATE, EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, CREATE. Facilitate… to make easy… to Educate and normalize human suffering, mental illness and chemical dependency and Motivate change with compassion, strength building, knowledge and inspiration. Explore the edges of Creative Expression as a vehicle for change, self-exploration and expression.”
  12. Kara Haney
    Refuge Recovery Kara has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1993. She brings personal experience in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism and is passionate about helping others to achieve and live a happy and successful life in recovery. Kara is heavily involved in the local recovery community; leading women’s groups, 12 step mentoring, sponsorship, guiding meditation and yoga groups, and facilitating multiple Refuge Recovery groups at an array of Bay Area programs. Kara is currently working towards completion of her ATS certification at Insight Santa Cruz, a Buddhist meditation community, where she is also an active board member.
  13. Morgan McConnell, RPF
    Program Manager, Addiction Specialist Morgan is a Certified Relapse Prevention Facilitator and brings extensive professional experience in the fields of addiction treatment and mental health services to her role as program manager at Lyric Recovery Services. Her most recent professional experience includes managing the medication/detox department at a residential treatment program and working for the county of Santa Clara as a supervised visitation monitor in correlation with Family Dependency Court. As program manager at Lyric Morgan oversees the intake process, facilitates groups, and collaborates with Clients and the clinical team to ensure the best treatment episodes for each Client.
  14. David Lanoue, CADC I
    Primary Counselor David Lanoue is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, CADC I certified through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. David has vast experience with running Adult IOP Substance Abuse Treatment Programs and is also the founder and director of Lighthouse Holistic Recovery. David's approach to addiction counseling is not only focused on relapse prevention, but a healthy spiritual balance through greater mindfulness paired with a better understanding of how chemicals affect brain chemistry.